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Handy Hints Applying Glass Coat To A Canvas

We have been listening to some of your enquiries and wanted to share some handy hints and tips that will assist you with your Glass Coat and canvas artwork!

  • We recommend sealing the finished surface of your art with a good quality sealer such as Craft Smart Glaze Paste. *This will eliminate contamination from the medium you have used and will create a barrier for the Glass Coat to adhere to.  For the month of February we have a great promotion where you receive 2 free bottles of Glaze Paste! …….


  • For smaller artworks (below 50 cm) boarded canvas and stretched canvas can both be used. However, if using stretched canvas this needs to be of good quality to avoid bowing and uneven coverage.
  • For larger artworks (above 50 cm) we recommend you use a boarded canvas. The boarded canvas gives the artwork the support needed when Glass Coat is applied. Glass Coat when cured can be quite heavy on a large surface. Therefore the extra support is required to prevent bowing and uneven coverage.


We have a range of boarded canvases available online  – BUY CANVASES NOW

  • Flood the surface to eliminate shrinkage around the edge. It is always better to use a little more than a little less.
  • For more information you can watch this videoGlass Coat over a canvas


*Remember to test your artwork with any finish first in a small inconspicuous place  – mixing resins, paints & pastes can vary with results.

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