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Glasscoat for Artists


Easy enough to use for beginners and exceptional enough for experienced artists, Glasscoat provides a professional finishing touch to projects in an assortment of mediums. A two component epoxy, one application of high gloss Glasscoat is equal to 50 coats of traditional varnish. The durable hard surface Glasscoat creates after curing is both heat and scratch resistant.  The Australian made and owned Glass Coat works on a variety of surfaces including wood, marble, canvas, plaster, photographs, fabric and paper. It can also be used in jewellery crafting.

  Available on are basic preparation, instructions, hints, and tips on how to use the epoxy. A demo video can also be viewed, and customer service is easily reached should a question or issue arise.  You’ll find on social media sites such as Pinterest, galleries of completed works using Glasscoat with mixed media, furniture and photography! Glass Coat is Australian made and adheres to strict environmental and safety standards. All data is readily accessible for users on ChemQuest.


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