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Glass Coat Montage

Join in on the fun and create your very own Glass Coat masterpiece. Purchase our Boarded Canvas along with your choice of our Americana Gloss Enamels Paint to create a Glass Coat work of art.

Customer Review : Ken

I recently bought the Craftsmart Glass Coat Premium Finish to use on some of the pieces in my wood furnishings shop. It did a great job! If you are planning on purchasing the premium finish I would suggest you purchase the Micro Jet Tool that they offer. This way you can get the best bang for your buck and remove any bubbling that may happen after you pour the Glass Coat.
– KEN(Customer)

Montage Review

The video was a bit on the longer side. However, I did enjoy watching the progression of the beautiful pieces that were created using the Glass Coat and what looks like Acrylic paint.  I am planning on having a crafts night with some friends and this would make a perfect project.
– Andrea (Glasscoat Customer)

Review From One of Our Customers

I have a wooden table that my grandfather built years ago and because of its age it was losing its beauty. I originally heard about this site from a friend that had used Glass Coat for some of her at home art projects. I bought the Timber Sealer and the Craftsmart Glass Coat Premium Timber Finish to use on my table. Using the “How To” page available on the site I was able to follow step by step instructions on getting the best results. Let’s just say my grandfather’s table has never looked better.
Marry J
Hobart Australia

New Boarded Canvas

“We are very excited to introduce our new boarded canvases that have been custom designed to suit working with Glass Coat.”

What is Glass Coat?

Glass Coat is an advanced two-component epoxy developed in Australia to provide a professional, high gloss surface in a fraction of the time it would take using a traditional varnish.
One application of Glass Coat gives an ultra gloss finish equal to 50 coats of traditional varnish. Once cured, Glass Coat forms a super hard surface that is heat resistant and scratch resistant.

Glasscoat HQ

It’s been getting a bit messy here at Glass Coat HQ.
 Check out the resin art in progress using Glass Coat and a variety of paints, pigments and inks.

New Batch of Glasscoat

“It’s Friday again and we are busy pumping a new batch of Glass Coat.
Please find attached our latest promotion that is valid until the end of September.
 If you would like to see a picture of your Glass Coat project on our site,
please send an image to
and if your picture is used you will receive a free gift with your next order”

Glasscoat for Artists

Easy enough to use for beginners and exceptional enough for experienced artists, Glasscoat provides a professional finishing touch to projects in an assortment of mediums. A two component epoxy, one application of high gloss Glasscoat is equal to 50 coats of traditional varnish. The durable hard surface Glasscoat creates after curing is both heat and scratch resistant.  The Australian made and owned Glass Coat works on a variety of surfaces including wood, marble, canvas, plaster, photographs, fabric and paper. It can also be used in jewellery crafting.
  Available on are basic preparation, instructions, hints, and tips on how to use the epoxy. A demo video can also be viewed, and customer service is easily reached should a question or issue arise.  You’ll find on social media sites such as Pinterest, galleries of completed works using Glasscoat with mixed media, furniture and photography! Glass Coat is Australian made and adheres to strict environmental and safety standards. All data is readily accessible for users on ChemQuest.