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A cool change…

With the cooler months approaching we have had some customers asking us:
“My Glass Coat is rather thick – and I am wondering how I can thin this down?”.
So we thought we would share this hot tip with you:
There is nothing you can add to Glass Coat to thin it down – as adding anything to the product would change the chemistry.
If you place the bottles in warm water for a few minutes BEFORE mixing them together it will flow easier.
We hope this will assist you in continuing your creativity throughout Winter.
If you have any other questions or need some hints please contact our team on 03 9895 4333.
Glass Coat is Australian made and available to purchase on our website.

Glass Coat Table Top

Our team have been super busy creating some more home inspiration for you…
Our latest activity – a Glass Coat table top!!
This is a sneak peak of what the finished product looked like using Glass Coat High Gloss Finish.
Stay tuned for our instructional video coming soon.
Glass Coat is an Australian Made epoxy resin and available to purchase here.

Glass Coat your Holiday Prints

Preserve your photo memories in a stylish and individual way!
Tamara from Glass Coat has demonstrated how to apply a glass-like finish onto a simple wooden frame using the Glass Coat High Gloss Finish.
For longer lasting effect we also recommend the use of CraftSmart Glaze Paste.
For detailed step-by-step instructions watch our video.
Have some fun and experiment with all your favourite snaps! You can also try experimenting with other wooden surfaces, as well as paper mache, ceramic, metal, canvas and much more.
Finished? Make sure you display your creations for all to see!
Glass Coat is an Australian Made epoxy resin and available to purchase here.

Colour your home with Glass Coat resin art!

Resin art is a booming craft trend at the moment, and we want to share with you the amazing uses of our Glass Coat product.
By using simple wooden furnishings, you can add a pop of colour and individual style to your home décor or workspace.
Tamara, demonstrated this epoxy resin process for us using a simple wooden table. You can experiment with a variety of other wooden furnishings.
We have shown Tamara’s progress in the below video, with clear step-by-step instructions to guide you on your craft experience.
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Once completed, you have your very own resin art table…with a smooth, professional, glass like finish.
Glass Coat is Australian Made and available to purchase here.

Glass Coat Over a Printed Canvas

A new dimension to your canvas art…using Glass Coat!
Canvas art is a great way to add that personal touch to your home decor. It also makes a perfect gift idea for loved ones.
By using Glass Coat on your canvas, you can add that extra dimension and preserve your artwork in a unique and long lasting way.
Tamara from Glass Coat has demonstrated how to apply a glass-like finish onto an ordinary canvas using the Glass Coat Timber Finish.
For detailed step-by-step instructions watch our video.
Handy Hints: be sure to check out our canvas handy hints before you start creating.
Finished? Make sure you display your creations for all to see!
Glass Coat is an Australian Made epoxy resin and available to purchase here.

Handy Hints Applying Glass Coat To A Canvas

We have been listening to some of your enquiries and wanted to share some handy hints and tips that will assist you with your Glass Coat and canvas artwork!
We recommend sealing the finished surface of your art with a good quality sealer such as Craft Smart Glaze Paste. *This will eliminate contamination from the medium you have used and will create a barrier for the Glass Coat to adhere to.  For the month of February we have a great promotion where you receive 2 free bottles of Glaze Paste! …….
For smaller artworks (below 50 cm) boarded canvas and stretched canvas can both be used. However, if using stretched canvas this needs to be of good quality to avoid bowing and uneven coverage.
For larger artworks (above 50 cm) we recommend you use a boarded canvas. The boarded canvas gives the artwork the support needed when Glass Coat is applied. Glass Coat when cured can be quite heavy on a large surface. Therefore the extra support is required to prevent bowing and uneven coverage.
We have a range of boarded canvases available online  – BUY CANVASES NOW
Flood the surface to eliminate shrinkage around the edge. It is always better to use a little more than a little less.
For more information you can watch this video – Glass Coat over a canvas
*Remember to test your artwork with any finish first in a small inconspicuous place  – mixing resins, paints & pastes can vary with results.

Glass Coat & Fine Art!

We were very proud to be able to support an up and coming artist Rachel Spencer in her recent exhibit as part of her Honours Research Project at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.
Rachel has created an amazing piece named “Enthral” using Dr Suess’s childrens books and Glass Coat.
We would like to wish Rachel all the best for her future in fine art.

Colouring Resin Art

Applying Glass Coat is so easy….Tamara from Art Tree Creations has joined us to show you how in this YouTube video, Tamara demonstrates creating a resin art piece on a canvas board, with our Glass Coat product by CraftSmart.
Using artist enamels, artist ink and metallic pigment powder, Tamara shows how to colour the resin and create a beautiful resin art piece for your wall.
Check it out!

Glass Coat – Free Butane Torch

We often hear comments that once you have poured your Glass Coat, it levels itself and the super gloss finish looks amazing.
But sometimes small air bubbles appear – how can these be removed?
It’s easy…by using a butane torch and for the month of November, we would like to give you a free butane torch!
Make sure the flame goes lightly above the entire project – put the flame close but do not let it touch your project!
Working in a circular motion over the surface is the easiest technique and you do not want to hold the butane torch in the one area or it will make the resin catch fire!
Don’t forget…..Once you have finished with the butane torch & your air bubbles are removed, make sure the flame is out before you pop it down!
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Glasscoat Customer Creations

Chapman’s Café in Doncaster has happily shared with us their new GLASSCOAT tables and benches.
They are delighted with the result – and we think it looks fab!
Glasscoat really is an ideal product to create that smooth, professional, ultra glossy finish.
For more information contact us and make sure to view our VIDEO PROJECTS online.
If you are a customer we would love to see your GlassCoat creations – please share them with us 🙂