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Glass Coat Handy Hints…

We LOVE using Glass Coat – and we know you do to. That’s why we are sharing some handy hints with you to make your crafting even more enjoyable…
Why do I sometimes get sticky patches on the surface of my project?
Handy Hint:
Sticky patches on the surface of your project is caused by insufficient blending of Glass Coat Part A and Part B.
Not mixing correctly can result in an air pocket of product not being blended together thoroughly, so when it is poured on to your project a part of the surface remains sticky whilst the rest of the surface cures well.
To eliminate this problem you need to blend Glass Coat Part A and Part B thoroughly for a few minutes, using a broad flat stirrer, scraping down the sides of the vessel you are mixing in.
If there is a very sticky patch on the surface and you are able to scrape it out do so, if it is tacky leave it as is and do a re- pour over the entire surface again with Glass Coat. This will set over the previous pour leaving a hard surface.
Glass Coat is an Australian Made epoxy resin and available to purchase here.